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Case Study

Marcellina, aged 31, works as an Events manager since graduating from her Bachelor degree. Earning a salary of $67,000 per annum, Marcellina still lives at home with her parents. She enjoys her lifestyle including overseas holidays every year.

Our young professional clients are typically:

• Aged between 25 and 35 years old

• Just started their careers and have established their first superannuation fund

• Possibly wanting to purchase their first property or to travel overseas

• Unsure about how to best invest their superannuation funds

• Never had to think about insurance as they have never had the need to

• Wish to enjoy their chosen lifestyle

• Are looking for guidance when it comes to budgeting and finance



Marcellina was no different and sort the advice services of Achieveit Financial Planning to build her wealth and enhance her lifestyle.

Marcellina has dreams…

When getting to know Marcellina, she told us her goals were:

• To buy her own home one day in the future;

• To have enough money to keep enjoying her current lifestyle and go on the overseas holidays every year;

• To pay as little income tax as possible;

• To learn more about investment opportunities;

• To make sure she can still pay bills if she can not go to work because of accident or illness.

Speed bumps in the road.....

Like every journey in life, we found a few items in that needed to be addressed if Marcellina wanted to achieve her dreams.

The biggest issue for Marcellina was that she was spending more than she earns. She was not actually aware of where her money goes.

She also did not know where to start when it come to understanding how to structure her finances to pay less tax and to build up her house deposit money.

Another concern was that if Marcellina becomes sick and is unable to go to work, she does not have enough money to pay her bills and cover medical costs.

Partnering with Achieveit Financial Planning

Working with Marcellina at every step, we have:

• Reduced debt levels

• Set up an easy budgeting tool

• Restructured her cash flow so she now has $14,000 to put away for her house deposit every year

• Established a holiday savings account

• Put the right insurance protection in place

• Informed and coached Marcellina about her financial position and options

Where is Marcellina now?

• Within 5 years Marcellina can afford to buy her own home;

• Has enough money to keep enjoying her current lifestyle and takes her overseas holidays every year;

• Has reduced her income tax payable and is more tax aware;

• Is continuing to learn more about investment opportunities;

• Can sleep easy knowing she can still pay bills if she can not go to work because of accident or illness.



Through Education and Empowerment,

Marcellina is enjoying the journey of financial Success


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