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Gary and Pam Schultz

Like many people, my wife and I agonised over the choice of a Financial Planner/Advisor. So many news stories about clients being ripped off by dishonesty or mismanaged because of incompetence.

Fortunately my son-in-law mentioned Naomi Alletson and Achieveit financial planning. As a tradesman he had done work for Naomi and knew her as a straight shooter.

We are very happy with the results she is achieving for us and have no hesitation in recommending her.

Adam, Jade and William Brushe

To Erin and the Achieveit Team,

Thank you for all of your hard work and suport to assist us in getting all of our insurances renewed and in place. We really appreciate all of the work you did for us and especially before the deadline of William's birth. 

Looking forward to your advice and expertise in the future years to come.




Kelvin Schwarz

"I moved all my financial planning and management across to this business around six years ago. I had some family connection with a member of the business so I felt comfortable and confident that I would be looked after. I haven't been disappointed. Achieveit handles all my superannuation, investment portfolios and real estate assets. I needed to get all my ducks in a row as I headed closer to retirement and my wife and I wanted to know we would be secure into the future with our three sons grown up and moved from home. Achieveit has helped us identify what we want out of our financial future and shown us how to achieve these goals." 

Mariejan Bigby

Naomi Alletson has been my financial planner for over three years. In that time my situation has changed from being an employee, to owner of Small Fish Business Coaching. My husband also went into a business of his own at the same time, Hence the savings that we previously had disappeared and we had to review everything from our cashflow, paying our own super, insurances for personal and business purposes and structuring ourselves to protect our assets.

Naomi and her team were brilliant. They were patient as we stumbled our way through what seemed to be change after change in our financial position. We are confident that what we have put in place is a strong foundation for our further growth and financial future.

Naomi, through her high degree of knowledge, implements what is best for us and doesn't try to push a product on us that does not suit our needs. She is a lateral thinker that looks at the big picture and what possibilities there are for the future.

I have no hesitation in recommending Achieveit financial planning to anyone that needs to understand their finances and and wants to improve their financial future.

Wayne and Michelle McKay

"My wife and I have had an association with Naomi Alletson and Chris Kelso of Achieveit Financial Planning for approximately 10 years.  In this time we have placed all of our financial matters with Naomi and Chris. 

With their assistance and advice we have seen our financial base grow and develop for what we require in the future.  I have no hesitation in stating if it wasn't for their assistance, advice and knowledge we would not be in the financial position that we are in at this time.

In this day and age with the fluctuations in the financial markets, it is hard to develop and implement strategies that provide a long term solutions to financial needs.  This has been and continues to develop with their assistance and advice.

With Achieveit we have a plan to actually achieve our goals instead of just dreaming about them. Their in depth goal setting and fact finding process clarified our goals precisely, and that meant that our plan was built with a clear path towards accomplishment.

Now 10 years later we are confident that we have a plan that works for us.  We have advisors we trust and structured financial investments which mean we will be secure when we stop working. It did not happen overnight. It happened with consistent sound guidance. We are very grateful to Achieveit for their services and professional integrity which allows us to trust them and their advice.

My wife and I have no hesitation in recommending Achieveit Financial Planning to anyone that requires assistance with their financial matters.

As I am employed in an area that relies on trust I can honestly and openly declare that both my wife and I have complete faith in the ability, professionalism and ethical standing of Naomi, Chris and all their staff.  We have depended on their expertise for a substantial period of time and will continue to utilize this relationship well into the future without hesitation."

Ingrid Russell

"I recently completed the "Small Business Planning Program" offered by Achieveit Financial Planning and Small Fish Business Coaching.

The course and its facilitaors, Naomi Alletson & Mariejan Bigby, offered and delivered a program which gives new business owners, like me, the knowledge and tools for a head start on the right track to business success.

Understanding and realising your business goals by using the tools at your disposal and helping to achieve those goals, and therefore a successful business, is surely what we all strive for.

I would recommend this program to anyone wishing to start a new business, who doesn't know where to start looking for the questions let alone the answers."

James and Maria Booth

"We have been clients of Achieveit Financial Planning and Approveit Home Loans for more than 10 years. The team at Achieveit has provided us with direction and purpose in trying to achieve our financial goals. Their strategies have created real growth in our finances, and the clarity and professionalism of their advice has made our wealth creation pathway easy to understand. We have no hesitation in recommending the services of Achieveit and Approveit to our family and friends as we continue to place our confidence in them and their ability to support us in our financial ventures."