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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your service work?

At Approveit, we provide a fresh approach to selecting the right loan for you, from over 20 lending institutions - at no additional cost to you. You provide us with your details and we do the rest! We'll look at your circumstances from all angles to ensure you receive a loan that's right for you. You want the right loan, approved and settled on time with least hassles - Approveit aims to deliver!

How is it possible that your service is free?

The lenders have decided that it's more cost effective to pay a commission to mortgage brokers, like Approveit, to introduce loans than to source loans directly themselves. There are no extra fees or interest rate margins added to cover the commission - it comes from the lenders' existing margin.

What lenders do you use?

You'll be pleased to know, we only use reputable lenders with a track record. The major banks are available through Approveit, plus many smaller lenders with very competitive products. Please check out the lenders in our Home Loan Providers!

How do you select the best lender and loan for me?

After completing a fact-finder with you, we run your details through our lender selection software. It completes an interest rate and fee comparison, which allows us to select your lender based on research, analysis and experience. Best described as a craftsman than a production-line worker, your Approveit consultant will tailor a loan for your unique requirements.

Why should I choose Approveit over other mortgage brokers?

Approveit has a genuine belief in the financial benefit of home ownership. Property ownership provides you with a solid financial base. This belief drives us to ensure we do everything possible to help you purchase your home or investment property. Approveit is a family-orientated business, providing understanding and compassion to time poor borrowers. You'll find the Approveit team to be vibrant and friendly, but at the same time down-to-earth and results focused.

What should I do next?

Give me a call or send an email. I'd be delighted to help with your initial enquiry or arrange a suitable time to meet with you. Contact us ยป