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Great News for our Regions – Building Boost

With the introduction of the Palaszczuk Govts $257 million building stimulus, the Queensland regions and first home buyers are the stand out winners.

Premier Palaszczuk said: “We are also rolling out a new $10 million Regional Home Building Boost package designed to improve housing affordability, promote investment and stimulate construction industry jobs in regional Queensland during the COVID-19 recovery.

“Eligible new home buyers in regional Queensland will receive $5000 to offset the cost of construction or purchase of a brand new house or apartment.

“First home-owners who are eligible for both the regional building boost and the $15,000 Queensland First Home Owners’ Grant will receive $20,000 towards their new home. The Regional Home Builders Grant will be in addition to the Home Builder Grant ($25,000), this means if you are a first home buyer, you could potentially receive grants up to $45,000 for a new home!

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for the Regional Home Builders Grant:


For further information,




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Finance Clauses: 14 days just isn’t enough

Lenders are currently taking up to 21 days to pick up a home loan application for assessment.  Fourteen days has always been sufficient time for finance, however at the moment this is proving difficult and many customers are feeling extremely frustrated with the delays.

Why is this happening? 

Lenders documentation requirements appear to be changing every day, thanks to highlighted issues coming off the back of the Royal Commission, the Combined Industry Forum and the like.  Finance Brokers are having to constantly be aware of the lenders ever-changing requirements to ensure that they are gathering the correct documentation and information, and in turn matching you with the most suitable lender and product. The process of packaging up the proposal can take over a week – before it even gets into the lenders systems.

Brokers have never been more important in the application process – but we need more time to efficiently package your application to ensure you receive the fastest approval possible. If you are looking at purchasing in the next three months, let’s get a head start with a pre approval or if you are signing a contract for a new home, take the stress out of the process and allow 21 days on your finance clause. Contact Chris or Terry today on 4632 2477 for further information.

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