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Limited Liability

Asset House accepts no responsibility whatsoever, in relation to the quality of property constructed, as this responsibility lies solely with the builder engaged. Asset House also accepts no responsibility in relation to the rental of the property once complete, as this responsibility lies solely with the real estate agent engaged. Asset House accepts no responsibility as to the value of the completed property as this is denoted by the property market trends and their fluctuations at any given time during ownership of the property.


File Access Rights

Asset House agrees that following reasonable prior notice and/any all agreements, correspondence, original documents and other information relating to the clients financial affairs shall be available for inspection by the client and client's professional advisers.


Confidentiality & Privacy

Asset House explicitly agrees to keep all clients' financial details completely private. Under no circumstances will any personal or financial details be provided to any external parties without prior consent from the client.  


Complaint Resolution

Should the client have any complaint about the service provided, it is agreed that the client will follow the process outlined below:

A. Contact Asset House, either by telephone or in writing, and lodge the complaint with an appropriate staff member. Asset House will provide a formal reply within three (3) working days.

B. If the client's complaint is still not satisfactorily resolved; Asset House will refer the matter to an external party for resolve.

In all cases, Asset House aims to resolve the complaint to the satisfaction of the client.


Financial Advice

Asset House is an associated company of Achieveit Financial Planning and whilst Achieveit Financial Planning are authorized representatives of SECURITOR Financial Group Ltd, please acknowledge that no advice for this recommendation is based on Achieveit Financial Planning license as financial planners.

Do we want the service agreement??

This Client Service Agreement ("the Agreement") is made and effective this Tuesday, May 11, 2010, by and between (the client) and Asset House.

Asset House is in the business of providing financial services for a fee. 

The client desires to engage Asset House to coordinate the construction of an investment property, all as set forth. Now, therefore, in consideration of the mutual agreements herein contained, the parties hereto agree as follows:



The client engages Asset House to render certain services in connection with the construction of an investment property for the client as follows:

A. Analyze the investment property market and recommend a range of suitable estates in which to construct an investment property in consultation with a licensed real estate agent.

B. Create, prepare and submit to the client for its prior approval a written plan.

C. Prepare and submit to the client for its prior approval, estimates of costs and expenses associated with the proposed plan.

D. Provide clients with advice in relation to the investment property, which in Asset House's opinion are the most efficient and advantageous services available for that particular client.


Schedule of Services

Asset Houses' engagement shall relate to the following products and services for the client:

  1. Complete a comprehensive fact finder related to the suitability of an investment property for the client
  2. Develop a specifically tailored written plan, including full details related to the construction and rental of the investment property
  3. Assist the client in selecting a builder and real estate agent suitable for the construction and rental of the property
  4. Assist in the selection of a floor plan, landscaping, décor and colour schemes
  5. Arrange a finance package for the investment property
  6. Restructuring of the client's current outstanding debts where required
  7. Coordinate the construction of the investment property on the client's behalf
  8. Arrange all progress payments during the construction process
  9. Arrange for council approval of the property on completion
  10. Arrange all required insurances, including landlord protection insurance
  11. Provide general advice on the taxation implications of owning an investment property, in consultation with the client's accountant
  12. Liaise with a real estate agent to ensure timely rental of the property
  13. Provision of required annual taxation documentation in consultation with the client's accountant
  14. Half-yearly reviews of the client's investment property
  15. Membership of the Asset Advantage Club



A. Upfront consulting fee $4,400.00

B. Asset House shall receive an amount up to 7% of the project cost. This amount is paid to Asset House in installments from the builder during construction. Asset House has negotiated discount prices with the builder; therefore the client will be paying a retail price for their Rental Property.

C. No additional charges will be added to the clients account for costs associated with research, express postage, telephone, facsimile, travel expenses and other out of pocket expenses of Asset House.



A. Asset House shall provide a written invoice to the client for all costs where possible in advance of funds being forwarded to Asset House. In most instances, the upfront payment will be made via a service provider, either at loan drawdown or when the investment has been completed and monthly fees will be deducted via direct debit.

B. Invoices shall be submitted in an itemised format and shall be paid by the client within fourteen (14) days of the invoice date, in cases where the charges are not automatically deducted.